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Hi, my name is Brett Saggs and I am a qualified personal trainer based out of Maldon, Essex. From a young age, I have had a passion for sports and fitness. I have specialised and trained in a variety of sports, such as football, athletics, boxing and MMA. I have been fortunate enough to train under many experienced trainers who have passed on to me a wealth of knowledge and understanding in their field.

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My biggest sporting passion has been boxing which I have been involved in since I was thirteen years old. I was first introduced to boxing at an amateur level before taking a few years off and then returning as an adult to box at a semi-pro and then onto a professional level where I was able to remain unbeaten.

A lot of my training methods and techniques have stemmed from the type of training I participate in myself and I also experiment with my own training a lot, to enable me to keep learning and gain experience. I most definitely practice what I preach so I understand what challenges my clients go through to attain their goals. I have lots of experience, with weight loss getting myself into single digit body fat before fights, and with gaining muscle, having put almost 3 stone on since I stopped boxing whilst remaining lean.

I thrive on passing my skill base on to others and I love to help people. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, or improve your overall fitness level, I can tailor a programme that gives you the best possible chance of achieving your personal goals with fun and varied workouts.


Personal Training

I offer training for all levels, from beginners to experienced and can design the workouts to fit you.

One to One Personal Training
£30 per hour Call 07534281696 to book
Two people:
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10 x One to One sessions
£250 (£50 off) Call 07534281696 to book
Something else?
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Training can take place at my home gym or your own premises if preferred.
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Been going 1 to 1 with Brett for quite some time now. The sessions are hard work, but good fun. Brett pushes you to your limit and encourages you to keep going. He changes up the exercises week after week. I'm always aching the next day! Highly recommend him for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight, or even tone up.Teresa
I have had personal training sessions with Brett for over a month now. My energy levels have increased, I feel so much fitter and have lost some weight, extremely happy! I recommend to all my friends, Thank you Brett.Sophie
I have trained with Brett since December 2016. The training has always been well planned and focused, but more importantly enjoyable. The sessions have helped me achieve & surpass my goals (UWCB boxing, weight loss & increase general fitness levels). Brett's ability to keep training interesting as well as productive means that I leave every session knowing I have worked really hard, while also looking forward to the next one. Matt
Nearing the big 50 soon, I recently put everything into perspective and plucked up the courage to lose weight, get fit and set some goals. I found Brett through facebook and after contacting several PT in the area, talking to them about what I wanted etc. I decided he was the best one for me. He is firm but supportive. He doesn't shout but you know he means it. He motivates me and believe me, thats not easy, I would be lazy if allowed to be. He tells me I'm doing well, I can do it etc. And I believe him, he really means it. He has a great studio with everything you need. Although I thought most of his training was going to be boxing based, it is far from it! Ball work, weights, crunches, kettle bells, door strap thingys (don't know what they are called) everything you need, HE HAS. He is fully equipped!! Warm ups, cool downs and everything inbetween. He totally knows his stuff. I am loving it all, especially the boxing after a day of stress, nothing quite like punching something! Did I just say I'm loving it? YES! Watch this space, my goal is four stone off by next July the 50th party dress is calling. give Brett a call, text or facebook. I promise you, if he can motivate me into actually wanting to go back, he can help anyone. thanks Brett, I'm so glad I found you! Pat
Brett is personally the best Personal Trainer I've had and I've had a few. He makes you feel comfortable from the start. He asked what my goal was and started to work towards it, within 3 weeks of PT I'd lost 3/4 of a stone. The training is excellent and I really do enjoy it. We have even started sparring. He's teaching me throwing punches isn't everything - its technique that I really need to work on and I feel I've come a long way already. I move my feet more, I'm more balanced and my timing is better and I'm picking the right shots now. He also works me on cardio and weights. I can see the difference in my arms and chest. If you want to lose weight, learn to box properly, become stronger then I'd 100% advise you to use Brett. The benefits you will get are unbelievable. You feel so much better in yourself after a few weeks working with Brett! Steve
I have been having personal training sessions with Brett for a few months now and he has totally changed my attitude towards exercise. Brett has been fantastic and has kept me motivated by making every session different as well as supporting me to achieve my goals. It's also been lots of fun learning how to do a bit of boxing, which I'd never done before. I always end the session buzzing and feeling like I've achieved the most from my time. I feel stronger, fitter and happier in myself - thank you Brett!Gemma


To book a sessions or ask any questions regarding personal training please contact me.

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